AU @ Frankfurt – 1st Impressions

November 1st, 2011

last weekend i visited a friend in frankfurt (main) and got to know some really cool places. the one that impressed me most was Die AU.

an “Autonomous Cultural Centre and Living Project” that got everything making me happy: nice people, chilling living places, a wonderful trailer park (Wagenplatz) in the backyard, a huge vok├╝ stoop and a party cellar that rocks hard! equipped with so many lovely details, too many to count – and a beer vending machine at the staircase! hh

a big fucking thank you to all people who are involved in that great project!

so whenever you stop by frankfurt – watch out for gigs and stuff at the Au!

i know i will…

introduction to the new one…

September 16th, 2011


un-believe-able what can happen in one month!?

refreshed from an extraordinary vacation in poland (thanks again!!), there was a lot to deal with in this summer –
everything and nothing and so much in between – … and then the bitch totally sucked me in – getting wound up in the real life, u know?! ;)

craziest time, maybe, for now! hh

my only explanation: outburst of psychobrainiac-overkill !!1!
following a hardcore fun living the weirdest mix of elektro-hippie-punk – – was and still is a-ma-zing! – –

no words yet to describe it further.

so, sorry for no talking –

we’ll catch up soon! :D

…til then move on dancin!!1!